Construction Management partner

Property management

Realty Development, Ltd. specializes in AAA properties and design custom plans to maximize the property's exposure and income potential by finding the right tenant mix. Realty Development, Ltd. has an open book policy with all it's investors and partners. 

​Our professional onsite Property Management provides direct efficiencies for both owners and tenants. We have established standards implemented by our highly-trained staff that continually maintain the integrity of each property while providing tenants with a level of service that they come to know and expect. Superior and experienced property management allows owners to meet customers’ expectations while yielding the greatest return on a property.

Our Property Management Services Include:

  • 24/7 property management
  • Day-to-day execution of repairs, maintenance, and improvements
  • Coordination of service agreements
  • Oversight of property and tenant concerns and emergencies
  • Management of onsite vendors and subcontractors


Our Marketing Services allow our clients to connect with prospective and existing tenants while growing their property’s brand and reach.  We are able to create a distinct identity for each property that makes it recognizable in the minds of potential tenants. We then take that recognition and leverage it throughout pieces within a marketing plan that target those tenants while building overall awareness of the property.

Our Marketing Services Include:

  • Property branding
  • Property website development
  • Target market identification and analysis
  • Marketing plan conception and implementation
  • Brand growth through press, advertising, marketing materials, and social media
  • Promotional event planning



Full real estate development services. We partner with the top professionals in the industry in order to plan successfull projects. The team is hand selected base on the project's specialized requirement and industry. 

Real estate analysis

Realty Development, Ltd. uses a conservative approach in evaluating potential development investment. They use both market knowledge and market data from reliable sources to determine the feasibility of any potential developments.


With over 40 years of construction program management experience, Realty Development can help guide and control the devemopment of our projects with our inhouse team of project managers. This program design/develop approach reduces the develpment cost in order to increase the initial owner equity. 

Real estate network partner 


Realty Development, Ltd. employees the top development planners that specializes in specific regions within the United States by type of real estate, commercial or residential. As well as by the location of property, resort town or a metropolitan city area. 


Realty Development is committed to becoming engaged as early on in a project as possible. Thorough preconstruction involvement is the cornerstone to a collaborative, streamlined project that is delivered on time and within budget. Our preconstruction services include cost estimating, value engineering/value management, constructability analysis, site use and improvement consultation, material selection, identification of long-lead items, subcontractor recommendations, and building and special permit assistance.


Through use of our effective planning tools and strong team leadership, we take the unpredictability out of the ever-changing entitlement process. Our development background and long-standing relationships with numerous municipalities allow us to meet and exceed our clients’ needs to both understand and navigate this process.

Design Build

Realty Development’s unique design-build approach relies on teams of architectural, engineering, real estate, construction, and property management professionals to devise the best solutions for our clients. This collaboration allows us to customize projects to meet clients’ needs on time and within budget. Decisions are made in real time, working with clients from the beginning, and simultaneously offering design, constructability, and pricing options.

The design-build approach allows us to effectively use “fast-tracking” to compress overall schedules and reduce 20-30% of the time required by the traditional process. We provide a guaranteed price in the very early phases of design, allowing clients to make early, accurate, and educated decisions from the very beginning of the process.

General Contracting

As our clients’ main source of contact throughout a project, Realty Development is devoted to providing the highest level of project supervision and communication. By utilizing our industry expertise, similar project experience, understanding of existing market conditions, and our relationships, we are able to streamline every stage of the construction process while presenting owners with direct benefits and business resources. 

Our team excels in getting involved early on in the process, adding input and ideas, and asking appropriate questions in order to get a clear understanding of the intent of the project. This allows us to utilize all resources and efficiently work with a project’s subcontractors to guarantee that the entire team is building with the owner’s perspective at the forefront of our work. Throughout the entirety of construction, we provide an uncompromised commitment to teamwork, ingenuity, predictability, and knowledge. 

Ownership Representation

Through use of our comprehensive industry knowledge, we are able to offer owners the most inclusive level of representation. This includes identifying appropriate debt sources and facilitating agreements for project financing, working with appraisers to ensure effective valuations, facilitating and managing each owner’s risks and managing the necessary property assessments, advising and managing the leasing process, developing all project financial modeling and projections, and working with the appropriate municipalities to lead the necessary government approvals and entitlements.

Development Management

We will work with each client to program your overall needs with the architect to quantify the scope and size of the project and create effective land utilization. We will also direct the land planning process and solicit RFP’s on behalf of the client for all necessary consultant services. With our construction management expertise, we are able to directly assist in the building conceptualization and planning process to certify that the project meets the owner’s overall goals and is delivered in an efficient manner. 

Site and Land Planning

At Realty Development, we are committed to coordinating public approval processes required by municipalities for rezoning, planning, and site development.  We also will negotiate with each municipality for incentives and inducements and manage the entitlement budgets and all required fees. Our market knowledge and relationships ensure that this is an efficient and all-encompassing process for our clients.


Through our sophisticated proforma models, we will perform a thorough financial analysis and pair this with our knowledge of current market conditions to establish realistic project budgets and returns. If requested, our team will also be able to assist in submitting loan requests and evaluating loan commitments for construction and permanent loans.

Design Services

We manage and coordinate project consultants with conceptual design (design including space programming, preliminary site planning, floor plans and building elevations, and civil, structural, mechanical and electrical systems) and construction documents (including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and interiors drawings). This allows for greater team collaboration and project consistency to guarantee that our clients receive an end product that exceeds even the highest standards.

Asset and Property Management

Realty Development has an entire team committed to asset and property management. They offer full-service leasing, accounting, marketing, asset and property management services. Within these services, they work with clients to develop appropriate ownership strategies to meet investment goals, analyze market conditions and data, manage the leasing process, oversee property budgets and reporting, and work to manage investments to capitalize on the greatest return for owners.

Capital Markets

Realty Development is a leader in providing capital markets solutions to our clients.  We work with a variety of entities including high-net worth individuals, family offices, real estate capital equity funds, and third-party investors and are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet their varying needs on a corporate, institutional, or individual level.  Our industry relationships and market intelligence allow us to collaborate with our clients on debt and equity placement, joint venture structuring, debt refinancing and restructuring, and facilitating real estate capital transactions. 

With our comprehensive approach, we are able to advise our clients at the highest level to create maximum service and return.  Our active market involvement facilitates financial strategies that create sound and trusted investment portfolios.  we have successfully raised the debt and equity for every development project our company has been involved in.  This track record and personal involvement provides direct benefit when assisting clients in managing their funds.

Debt and Equity Placement

Through use of our comprehensive relationships, we are able to assist clients in securing debt and equity. We leverage all areas of commercial real estate financing to provide clients with the most competitive opportunities while putting them in a place to obtain the necessary capital to fund their endeavors.

Joint Venture Structuring

Our combined over 30 years of experience and relationships in real estate have given us the ability to assist our clients in joint venture structuring.  We utilize our strategic industry alliances to bring the right partners and the right opportunities together. This leads to increased opportunities and decreased risks.

Debt Refinancing and Restructuring

At Realty Development, we are committed to helping our clients refinance and restructure debt in a manner that allows for greater cash flow, reduced debts, and restored liquidity. Our industry involvement and experience negotiating with all participant authorities is a direct benefit to clients. 


​​Commercial Brokerage

Realty Development partners real estate firm has a regional focus on investments and commercial real estate sales, leasing, and corporate services. We are relationship focused; we think with ingenuity and act aggressively for our clients to deliver results that earn repeat business.

Our team is prepared to meet all of your commercial real estate needs. As a property owner, investor, or tenant, you will find that our depth of talent can take even the most complex real estate scenario and deliver a service experience that our clients say is second to none. Our brokerage specialties include investment services, retail, office, industrial, and multi-family.

We are committed to providing tailored service and innovative solutions to each of our clients. Our overall market knowledge allows us to stay informed on the most current industry trends to ensure that your transaction is sensible and profitable. With our expansive in-house service roster, our clients benefit from an incomparable breadth of knowledge that goes beyond brokerage.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Our ability to offer an all-encompassing array of commercial real estate services is a direct asset to our clients.  Our brokerage specialties include investment services, retail, office, industrial, and multi-family. We serve as trusted advisors, applying our direct market knowledge, experience, education, and local and national relationships to ensure that we provide an unparalleled level service.

We successfully serve our clients through employment of the following:

  • In-house agency producing flyers, mailers, signage, presentations, client-specific visuals, and total programming management.
  • Strategy development of each user segment, including needs analysis, message development, media mix optimization, and coordinated deployment.
  • Hard-hitting publicity campaigns to mobilize community and user excitement – including print, internet, and television outlets.
  • E-broadcast promotions to achieve top-of-mind recognition throughout the brokerage community, both regionally and nationally.
  • Direct mail campaigns to hand-selected Standard Industrial Code (SIC) business leaders – delivering the message to the desks of exact users in need.
  • Outbound telemarketing through in-house staff – maximizing attention, qualifying user needs, and accelerating deals.
  • Events production – creating local, regional, and national visibility of unique project attributes.
  • National relationships – bringing project visibility to national users in real time.
  • Full customized cost analysis in-house – setting sales and lease rates for optimal yield based on user requests. Tenant finish, build-to-suit costs fully assessed on rapid turn-around basis to secure deals quickly, with sound profitability.
  • In-house proforma production – fast, accurate, reliable analysis of yield on every deal, including special provisions, exceptions, stipulations, and timing variances.
  • Deal-structure agility – in-house attention for rapid turnaround on LOIs, contracts, and amendments for immediate principal/legal review.
  • Negotiation support – in-house experts across all disciplines, including finance, pre-construction estimation, site re-configuration assessment, full cost analysis, contract re-draft and provisions capability, and rapid draft turn-around.

Landlord Representation

Our comprehensive approach to landlord representation has a proven track record for success.  We understand that every landlord is unique and needs a tailored solution to efficiently achieve our clients’ objectives. We closely analyze market conditions, industry data, existing rental rates, building attributes, and local comparables to ensure that your property is positioned to garner the maximum return.  We then evaluate tenants and create marketing strategies and tools to directly reach targeted users and create general awareness in the marketplace.  We are able to utilize our extensive experience representing tenants as a resource in leasing properties for landlords and in successfully negotiating the leasing process.

Tenant Representation

Our overall involvement and experience in the Northern Colorado market makes us an industry leader in tenant representation. We can represent you throughout expansion, relocation, consolidation, renewal, build-to-suit, and purchase transactions. Our approach analyzes the needs of our clients in comparison to the overall market landscape.  We have comprehensive access to the area’s available properties and are able to narrow these down based on our clients’ locale, square footage, and property requirements.  Once you have selected a space, we are able to leverage the lease/purchase negotiations to ensure that you are receiving the fairest market rate and most inclusive transaction terms.

Consulting Services

With our team approach and over 50-person network within Realty Development, we are able to represent our clients with an encompassing level of real estate consultation.  This ability guarantees that you are always dealing with the most knowledgeable experts in the industry and that each of your real estate decisions is made with the utmost information and understanding.  These consulting services include:

  • Tax Assessment / Protest
  • Corporate Real Estate Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Investment / Development Consulting